There is a FLIPSYDE to everything in life… In a time when high productivity farming, Mass production and “Quantity vs. Quality” has taken priority in nearly every facet of our lives, FLIPSYDE Farms prides itself in not following trends. Simple is as simple does, and raw wood, wholesome foods, and custom handcrafted products and production methods provide customers with truly authentic, life long functional furnishings that can be passed down from generation to generation! So set yourself apart from the crowd, check out the FLIPSYDE to this high paced world and add some character to your life!  
Fun Farm Shop     Motocross Training Facilities     Wood Crafting and Blacksmithing  
  Special Events and Rentals
(for weddings, Wedding Pictures, Parties, Engagements etc.)
  Welcome to the FLIPSYDE Fun Farm. Located about an hour North East of Toronto, and home to one of the premier private Motocross Training facilities in Canada, the FLIPSYDE Fun farm is host to a myriad of activities that all share one thing in common…. They’re fun!

From physical training in the private gym, motocross training on a professional motocross track, to wood crafting and blacksmithing in the barn, the FLIPSYDE Fun farm is the most unique farm around!

Check out the Fun Farm “shop” to see some truly Canadian, handcrafted unique items designed, harvested, and created right in the Fun Farm Barn! Everything you will find is done as organically and authentically as possible, no mass production here, just hard work, creativity and and a damn good time. Thanks for checking us out, and let me know what ya think!  
Phone: (905) 244-7477